was established in 2010 to aid in the protection and preservation of historic Civil War artifacts that relate to dolls and other items from childhood. With that preface, it is understood that the primary asset of the project is Miss Rose Percy herself.  The goal of the project is to not only share Rose Percy with interested parties, but also to reveal and expand upon her remarkable record of charitable service to the United States of America.

The new mission that has been designed for Rose Percy is not unlike her first, which was to help raise funds for worthwhile causes. Rose Percy prefers to aid those charities that place a special emphasis on soldiers who have suffered brain injuries, and the resulting mental health issues that may accompany them. All net proceeds earned from Rose Percy Events will be donated to worthwhile charitable causes, with the stipulation that at least half of all monies raised by Rose will go directly to veterans' charities, with the remaining monies distributed to causes that are selected by the event's hosts.

Rose will also work to help other charitable institutions such as protective services for women and children, food banks, holiday toy drives; actually any charitable cause that helps make the world a better place.  If she is invited, and if guidelines are followed, Rose will be more than willing to make appearances to benefit worthy causes.

To date, Rose Percy Events have provided over $301,400 in financial aid to those in need. Of course, these results could not have been achieved without the tireless work of countless volunteers who are involved in creating and hosting the events.